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Kali Stick Training For Self Defence Training Just Added!



  • Kali Stick Self Defence Skills NOW added to all Martial Arts Belt Levels
  • A Whole New FUN Aspect to Real-Life Self Defence
  • Get Your KALI STICKS NOW - Ready For Class Training That Starts April 20, 2020

We are adding KALI into our grading curriculum for All Martial Arts students. 

2 Options to get your Kali Sticks - Order Below - or Make Your Own  

See the video below to "MAKE YOUR OWN" OR ORDER BELOW

*Orders Will Be Delivered Direct To Your Door & usually take approx 1 week to arrive*

Kali Sticks Set $35  

The art of stick fighting using bamboo sticks is old, yet still very practical in this modern time.  Also commonly known as escrima sticks or arnis.  Using  double-stick fighting drills as a component of our online virtual martial arts training in our self defence tips section, will give beginning students a coordination base to develop both hands and utilize body mechanics that will later be advanced to and upskilled combative application.

NOTE:  Weapons Class Students Are Currently Training Sword

Weapons Class - Sword Set $55  

Focus Martial Arts students have access to classes training in weapons.  Currently learning the art of Swordsmanship.  Learning the skills, techniques and effective use of this time-old traditional martial arts.  Sword lessons are fun yet traditional.  Students often say that this is their favourite part of the training.

Why Not Get A Set of Kali Sticks & Sword Together & Save Money

Kali Sticks And Sword Set $80

Is your child/ yourself also looking at doing our weapons classes - then why not buy the set of Kali Sticks and Practise Sword - so you can really get involved in your martial arts weapons training. 


  1. Practical Self Defence - practising the traditional art of true self defence, with practical weapons that you could use something similar in you house - is a perfect addition to any martial arts training.
  2. Co-Ordination - mastering the skill of precise movements, traditional martial arts techniques is both rewarding and effective.
  3. Builds Confidence and Toughness of Spirit
  4. Rhythm - or rather, the lack of it. Falling into a predictable pattern is anathema to sword fighting.
  5. Intimidation - or rather, not being intimidated or using intimidation against a lesser opponent.
  6. Timing and Distance - are critical in any form of martial arts training.  You will find value in the difference between weapons training for timing & distance and a fighting martial art fighting footwork.  To actually hit your opponent is quite different when including stick fighting or swordsmanship.
  7. And finally Caution and Safety - not timidity.  How to  have enough common sense to not underestimate your opponent, and to be aware of your surroundings

How to make your own  Kali sticks set

martial arts training at home 
now takes on a whole new level