Times and Prices Clone

Lots of Class Times To Suit Your Busy Schedule 

As a full time martial arts club, we have lots of classes for all skill levels and ages. 

Our timetable has been specifically designed to enable family members in different programs to be able to train at close times (sometimes even at the same time) as their siblings.  We understand parents are busy, so we want to try and make it easy to have everyone at the same place at the same time. 

Your class schedule will depend on which program you choose to join. Our Australian Champion Instructors can conduct an assessment to find the most program plan for you.  You can book a FREE trial of a private one-on-one assessment and group class here.

1/23 Dividend Str, Mansfield

4/149 Old Pacific Highway, Oxenford

Prices and Great Family Discounts 

The exact pricing package will depend on the program you'll end up choosing. But to give you an idea you, most students do 2 to 3 classes per week on average from between $8 and $19 per class. 
PLUS we do have AWESOME FAMILY DISCOUNTS – with the 3rd family member discounted by 50% and the 4th family member and more are FREE. 

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Warm and caring environment for kids.The instructors are excellent and capable teachers. Martial arts have definitely made a positive impact on my family.

Barbara Thomas 


Great - supportive & talented instructors helping our children achieve discipline, focus, strength & skill!

Louise Duell 


It's fun, it's challenging, and it's like having a second family. Martial arts is my favourite thing to do and favourite place to be.

Lucy Fitzsimons 


I don't think I can find enough words to describe how grateful I am that our boys have joined Focus Martial Arts. That is family business that really cares. Boys love it and always looking forward to the training days. Thank you so much guys for the amazing business you have built caring and loving for what you do. Can not recommend it enough.

Natasha Petrova 


I have received Gotchas and principal's award for being hard- worker, achieved certificates for sport participation, done all my class & homework. Behave well in class. Martial Arts teached me to help my parents worked in the garden and to cleaning chores. It makes everyone able to relax sooner.

Julie Moore


By doing martial arts my attitude towards my teacher and my classmates has improved and I am listening more in class. I feel more confident, fit and my self esteem has improved too.

Skye Zielinski – Yellow 1  


My martial arts classes have helped me at school because now I can stand up to the bullies or the popular kids at school and I am more confident in speaking in front of crowds

Simi Kaur (yellow 1) 


Martial arts classes have helped me concentrate at class without getting distracted by friends and also have helped me persevere over tough topics, homework and exams

Harshini Rithikaa (yellow 1) 


I feel more confident and happy because I’m attending classes with my friends and I’m enjoying them. I’m more confident to say what I think and speak up against wrongs

Benjamin Campbell (yellow)  


Martial arts have made me become more respectful to elders and siblings, concentrate on one thing instead of giving half attention in case I miss something important and have helped me persevere through hard times

Harshini Rithikaa (yellow 1) 


Other people should learn martial arts because martial arts is just not about self-defence but is also about self-discipline and illustrating things that you couldn’t do in the past but if you practice and listen you could

Hannah Hashum (yellow 3)  


Martial arts classes have helped me at sport and at school. I have made a hundred more friends, have gotten more confidence and I am no longer afraid of putting my hand up in class.

Jessica Chaning-Pearce – Yellow 2  

Are you still undecided and unsure if will fit in?

You certainly won’t if you don’t try.

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Are you ready for the amazing benefits of learning Martial Arts?

How can Martial Arts help in the Scholastic Performance of my Child?

The Focus and Determination your children learn on the
Martial Arts floor translates perfectly to their needs
in the school classroom. They’ll have a significant edge
even into high school, university, and beyond.

Are you looking for the best healthy activity for your child that he will surely love?

Children are inundated with Video Games, Movies and TV – Focus Martial Arts Brisbane classes are MORE FUN than TV, which means your kids will WANT to sweat, smile and learn!

Did you know that through Martial Arts your child can boost and improve their individual attention?

Children learn at their own pace and are never
compared to others; but they still get the benefit of
peer interaction in a group setting.

What are the skills your child can learn
from Martial Arts?

Main focus is on Character Development and Life Skills: Communication, Cooperation,Leadership, Independent Motivation, Follow Through, and more. Skills they’ll use forever.

Do you want your child to learn skills that would definitely defend themselves?

In Focus Martial Arts lessons, students learn how to defend themselves physically – they also learn to identify less obvious threats like what a bully really looks like, and how not to turn into a bully themselves.

We strongly believe in providing only the best services for your child's needs.

So, worry no more! We have school pick up service in 7 different schools. We can collect your child from the arranged school pick up point and bring them to Focus Martial Arts.

  • St Catherine's Primary
  • Wishart State School
  • Mt Gravatt East State School
  • Brisbane Adventist College
  • Mansfield Primary School
  • Mansfield State High School
  • Citipointe Christian College