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Focus Martial Arts More Than Just FUN & GAMES


Focus Martial Arts Builds Character Through Self Defence

The real magic is in the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. We help kids become strong on the INSIDE.

  • More confident
  • More focused.
  • More respectful.

Great Family Discounts

Depending on what program you end up choosing, will determine the exact pricing package, but to give you an idea you averagely will be looking at between $8 and $15 per class and most students do 2 to 3 classes per week.

PLUS we do have AWESOME FAMILY DISCOUNTS – with the 3rd family member discounted by 50% and 4th family member and more are FREE.


Other people should train in Martial arts because it is so cool and you can learn how to defend yourself and kick butt.

Zalee Mollard 


And really liked what they were doing at Focus Martial Arts

Salli-Ann Mollard

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His confidence has grown, he is able to focus more and he is much better at waiting for his turn. Thanks to Focus Martial Arts.

Flora Weber

A Martial Arts Class Timetable for Busy Families

While most of our members choose to make self defence and the associated life skill benefits training a priority, we want to provide outstanding opportunities for your martial arts training and have heaps of class style and times options available.

Both our Martial Arts schools at Mansfield, Brisbane
and Oxenford, Gold Coast are full time clubs.

That gives parents and families the flexibility of being able to choose from a large number of class times available.

With 3 to 5 different class times per day for beginners at each martial arts club – we are confident we can help co-ordinate the perfect martial arts lesson schedule for your family.

How To Choose Which Martial Arts Program Is For You?

We have lots of classes for all skill levels and ages.

Our timetable has been specifically designed to enable family members in different programs to be able to train at times close (sometimes even at the same time) as their siblings.  We understand parents are busy, so we want to try and make it easy to have everyone at the same place at the same time.

Depending which program you choose to join, will depend on your exact possible class schedule.
One of our Australian Champion Instructors can conduct an assessment to find the most program plan for you.  You should can book your FREE trial of a private one-on-one assessment and group class now.

I am really pleased with his development since starting his classes at Focus Martial Arts

Mrs Rudwick

I think others should train in martial arts so they can defend themselves against bullies.

James Rudwick

Eli loves the beginner class too, talks about it heaps and practices at home



Our classes get kids fit, focused, confident, respectful, full of discipline... positive social skills

And of course... every class is FUN!

Parents Love Our After School Pickup Service

Our After School pickup service in Brisbane does get booked out quickly.  We pickup every day from 7 local schools.
✅ Wishart Primary School
✅ Mansfield Primary & High School
✅ Mt Gravatt East Primary School
✅ St Catherine’s School
✅ Brisbane Adventist College (BAC)
✅ Citipointe Christian College (primary & high)

Have your child collected from school, do their classes and we even have a homework area if you would like them to do some and we have FREE Wifi.