Karate Classes for Kids

I want to be Black Belt when I’m 10! – Harper

Harper at young age continually proves how karate classes for kids helped her throughout School Grades, Confidence and Social Interaction.

Congratulations Harper for continually showing a Black Belt Attitude in class with the effort you put in to learning new skills and being a role model to others around you. You will make a great Black Belt!

Harper is a relatively new member to the Focus Martial Arts family, having been with us for just over 4 months. She is currently 7 years old and has recently successfully conquered her first grading and is now a Yellow belt I stripe.

Harper has boundless energy and a thirst for challenge rare for people her age. In karate classes for kids, despite not having trained for long, she has already performed on stage as part of our demonstration team, and trained with much older and higher ranked Martial Arts students here at Focus Martial Arts. Harper summarised her goals and ambitions to us: “I want to be strong”, and Martial Arts training or karate classes for kids is the best path for her to achieve that, and encourages others with the same goal to follow suit. Reflecting on the training itself, Harper says that it’s fun, and that she is much more confident now compared to just 3 months ago.

Janeene, Harper’s mum, told us that she wanted Harper to do Martial Arts because she wanted her to build confidence and fitness, as well as improve her focus. A few months down the track, Janeene has already noted multiple benefits, remarking her daughter has made: “Many improvements. Including her confidence, ability to follow complex instructions and strength!”. As a testament to her new found confidence, Harper has told us: “I want to be Black Belt when I’m 10!” – and we are 100% behind her on that goal!