Student Of The Month

Congratulations, For being nominated as the
To choose the final winner, we need some more information.

As Student Of The Month, you will receive:
- A customised profile award that will be on the 'Wall of Fame' at the club
- Your own copy of your customised profile
- You will be given the STUDENT OF THE MONTH belt to wear for 2 weeks (and to then be returned to reception afterwards)
- Kids receive a voucher for a 1 hour pizza party for them & 10 friends (who don't attend Focus Martial Arts)  
- Adult winners receive a voucher for a 1 hour Self Defence Workshop for them and 10 of their friends (who don't attend Focus Martial Arts)

Students:  Please click the button below to complete the form to be eligible to win
Parents:  Please click the Parent Button below and complete the information about how martial arts has helped your child for your child to be eligible to win.

NOTE:  for children - both student and parent need to complete their appropriate form.  For Adult students, please just complete the Student form.