Self Defence Classes

It teaches you that anything is possible through commitment and practice – Steve

Steve is a dedicated student of the Martial Arts for Adults, having already 7 years of prior experience before joining us at Focus Martial Arts.

Speaking of the personal benefits of Martial Arts training, Steve comments: “Martial arts has helped me improve my flexibility, fitness and strength. I embrace the discipline, mental focus and commitment required to continue training from previous experience”. Steve adds: “I believe the lessons learnt through martial arts for adults category flow through all aspects of life, not just fitness. It teaches you that anything is possible through commitment and practice. It teaches students sometimes you need to fail before you succeed”. One of the great benefits of Adult Martial arts is that it increases your flexibility, balance, hand-eye coordination and your natural strength without weights. It is great for adults and for kids fitness.

While having his own ambitions for his Martial Arts, Steve’s main drive is to take this journey with his son – Thomas.

“I started martial arts to support my son and be a role model for commitment and discipline. My goal to support my son all the way to black belt. I use the training in Martial Arts for adults as a baseline to teach Thomas how to achieve goals in school, respect for people, benefits of health and fitness. The journey is long and will help ingrain the right attitude in my son to succeed at anything in life. I would also cherish the journey with him. Sometimes after a session, Thomas will give me a cuddle in the car and tell me I’m the best Daddy in the world. That’s worth more than anything in the world”.

Congratulations Steve for continually showing a Black Belt Attitude in Focus Martial Arts classes with the effort you put in to learning new skills and being a role model to others around you. You are a great father and will make a great Black Belt!