Kids Self Defence Classes

It’s a great life skill and it’s so much fun – Molly

Kids Self Defence Classes helped Molly not only on her academic grades but also her self-confidence has been greatly impacted.

Name: Molly
Age: 13
Current belt rank: Red II

Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Instructors are proud of Molly winning Student of the month for the kids martial arts program category for November 2019

Molly is a remarkable senior student and leader here at Focus Martial Arts. In her Martial Arts Classes that has Kids Self Defence Classes she has been training conscientiously for the past 5 years, and her fantastic skills and fitness are a testament to this. On top of her skills, Molly has an infectiously joyful persona that lightens up everyone around her. She shares this gift in class as a leader, and also as a host and helper at parties and other events.

Molly says that Martial Arts has been a fun way for her to train her fitness while also gifting her the skills and mentality to defend herself. She also highlights that her training has been a great form of stress relief. Outside of training in Kids Self Defence Classes, Molly has noticed that the teachings at the club have helped her to become more organised and focused on her tasks.

Molly’s mum, Susan, recalls her initial decision to enroll Molly at Focus Martial Arts to “teach her to focus on getting specific tasks done in a timely fashion while building her confidence in striving to do her best”. Susan also added that it was so Molly had something that was her own and that she was good at! Over time, Susan has noted improvements to Molly’s personal development as “Remarkable!”, that she has taken ownership to her training and other areas of her life, and that she is “quietly confident in who she is and what she can do!”. Susan urges other parents to “JUST DO IT! And don’t just let them give up after only a short while. The benefits will show themselves in time.

Congratulations Molly for continually showing a Black Belt Attitude in class with the effort you put in to learning new skills and being a role model to others around you. You will make a great Black Belt!