Martial Arts Testimonial - Belle

I have learned to stop procrastinating and set my goal for Black Belt – Belle

Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Instructors are proud of Belle winning Student of the month for the kids martial arts program category for October 2019

Belle is an over-achiever here in the Focus Martial Arts family. She is currently 14 years old and has been training for the past 7 years, meaning she has been training for over half her life! She is currently in kids martial arts program , a Cho Dan Bo – a single level from a Black Belt, a member of the demonstration team, and a senior leader of our leadership program.

Congratulations Belle for continually showing a Black Belt Attitude in kids martial arts program with the effort you put in to learning new skills and being a role model to others around you. You will make a great Black Belt!

Belle first made contact with Martial Arts through one of our awesome birthday parties as a guest and thought it was great fun. She came in to give it a try not long after and never looked back. Asking about her main drive to continue with Martial arts training, Belle replied it is “to learn how to defend myself and others“, but also added that she enjoys the training because she “loves connecting with everyone because it feels like a very supportive family.”

Being a part of the kids martial arts program and Leadership program has also helped Belle beyond the club, saying that the communication skills she gained in the program “helped me project my voice for school presentations and I used that in my English… and I got a good mark!”. Belle’s mom, Happy, told us that she started Belle because: “We thought she’d have a boost of confidence, and for her to get out of her shy phase”. Having trained for several years now, Happy reflects on the improvements since she started, saying: “Wow! Lots! Lotsa lotsa confidence and belief in herself!”

Your Focus Martial Arts Family is so proud of you! Noting her goals for the coming year, Belle confidently proclaimed: “I will be Black Belt in 2020. I will finally stop procrastinating and become confident that I can achieve it!”.