White Belt Videos

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What Is The First Belt To Grade To?

Everyone starts at white belt, then depending on the student – they can progress to either Orange belts for Little Ninjas or Yellow Belts for Taekwondo Beginners.

Little Ninjas will proceed from white belt to orange belt.

Taekwondo beginners will proceed from white belt to either yellow belt 1 stripe or if they are unable to remember both of the patterns, we like to build their confidence by getting to the next belt and allow them to grade for yellow belt (no stripe). For Focus Martial Arts its not about the belt, it is about building the character in the individual student. Some students may initially find the patterns challenging – so yellow belt (no stripe) is graded on all the other same techniques at yellow belt 1 stripe, less the patterns. The outcome – the student doesn’t really care about the stripe, but the belt colour is a completely different thing.

Once they have yellow belt (no stripe), their next grading will be yellow belt 1 stripe.


Must do 24 TKD classes between gradings.
MUST complete Black Belt Attitude Forms.

What is Black Belt Attitude Forms?
Grading Black Belt Attitude FormsAges 4 – 10
Grading Black Belt Attitude FormsAges 11 – 15

White Belt Videos