Red Belt Videos

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What Is The RED Belt ?

Red belt is a great achievement. So close, close to the goal of Black Belt. For these belts you will need to master advanced physical skills , such as the most difficult kicks, a multitude of self defence skills against multiple opponents , self defence against stronger opponents.

The standard is set high for black belt Achievement – shaping who we are, in ways that include attitude, respect to others, self discipline, self control, focus, commitment, and goal setting.

The prime focus of character development during these belt levels is leadership, and setting an example for lower belt levels.

Goals (like Black Belt) are Set To Be Met! Leaders achieve their goals through commitment, dedication and determination.

Please note, some people actually quit, stop or give up on their goals, just when they are so close to the finish line. They sabotage their success. A relevant life skill is perseverance – you will master that by pushing through to Black Belt. Our instructors work with you and your parents to help you succeed. We look forward to you joining our Black Belt Elite.


Must do 24 TKD classes between gradings.
MUST complete Black Belt Attitude Forms.

What is Black Belt Attitude Forms?
Grading Black Belt Attitude FormsAges 4 – 10
Grading Black Belt Attitude FormsAges 11 – 15
RED Belt Syllabus