Blue Belt Videos

Blue Belt Level has 3 Stripes with 15 training videos each. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur.

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What Is The First Belt To Grade To?

Expectations placed on our blue belt (intermediate students) is more demanding than on the beginner yellow belt gradings. You will need to master many new physical skills including : more difficult kicks, faster blocking techniques, faster attacking hand techniques, higher degree of self defence against various holds, grabs and kicks.

As you progress past “half way to black belt” you will discover blue belt is harder. You will have many new skills to learn and more difficult techniques to master. You will definitely need to practice and master the many new skills, and we look forward to not only assisting you but also in celebrating your achievements with you.

BE AWARE: Many people quit at blue belt level. This is where determination is taught and shown. Our instructors work with parents as a team, to encourage & teach children the crucial life skill of commitment. Yes, blue belt is more difficult than yellow belt but this is where we will see improvements in your character development and Black Belt Attitude, especially in areas of respect, commitment and determination.


Must do 24 TKD classes between gradings.
MUST complete Black Belt Attitude Forms.

What is Black Belt Attitude Forms?
Grading Black Belt Attitude FormsAges 4 – 10
Grading Black Belt Attitude FormsAges 11 – 15
BLUE Belt Syllabus