Want To Earn Your Next Belt With Ease?

But Need Some Help Practicing At Home?

Can’t Really Practise At Home, As You Don’t Have An Instructor There

  • Want confirmation of exactly how to do the patterns?
  • Need to check if you hand is in the correct position?
  • Are you actually getting the technique correct?
  • You think you have it, but it doesn't feel right?
  • Don't practice at home, because you don't have an instructor to tell you what to do?

No more stress and worry. You can practice at home, with the Focus Martial Arts OnlineMembers Training Centre.

What You Will Get Inside The Members Online Training Centre

  • Every technique of EVERY belt level
  • Step-by-step videos of the patterns
  • Training on all the techniques–broken down to easily follow
  • Extra tips & tricks on how to easily pass your grading for that level
  • Its all recorded in a way that parents can understand–so you can actually be able tosee what they need to fix, change or correct to get the technique right.

Every belt level is like at school. Each level builds on the previous level. When students passtheir grading with an outstanding performance and skill mastery–we always see theirconfidence and enthusiasm sky-rocket.

Help your child be their best and get to Black Belt. Join the Members Online Training Centre​


Kezia Parmley INSTRUCTOR

I have seen students not really ready for their grading, but their friends are grading and they don’t want to miss out. With using the Members Online Training Centre at home – they get in their an practice so much, that I didn’t even recognize them as the same student – it made that much difference.​

But for me as a coach, really the student has grasped the concept… that if they want to reach the goal, they have to take action on getting there, and put in the effort. Without the Members Online Training Centre, they might not have thought they could do it. It really makes a difference. A difference in their skill level and in their confidence.​

One of the parents, actually many, have said how much it has helped them, the parent. They want to help their child – but have no clue on the moves of the patterns or what a technique looks like. With the Members Online Training System the parent can actually help and get involved and be knowledgeable enough to point out where their need to change, improve or check the video again for clarification. Parents can say – “see on the video here…. You aren’t doing that part like the instructors on the video, your hand is down here, but should be up there”. I can really see improvement in students that use it. It’s definitely worth it

Cornell Strauss PARENT

The videos and online training material really made a difference to my son, Philip. I was actually able to help them (even though I knew nothing really) but they were structured so that I could see what to look out for. It actually made it a fun activity we could do together and really helped him for his next grading.