Focus Martial Arts – Reinforcing Family Values That Are Important In Your Family

In this fast-paced world, all a parent really wants is for their child to be happy, enjoy life and achieve the success they desire.

How do you make sure this happens?

You teach them.

Even though they might feel like it’s nagging, you try to…

    • Remind them to be focused
    • Instill confidence
    • Encourage them to keep trying
    • Remind they need to be respectful
    • Persuade them to be positive
    • Support (or sometimes demand) them to keep their room tidy

You do all this while running a household, having a career, paying the bills, being a taxi service, cooking, cleaning and more… all in the name of giving your child the start in life you desire for them, in the pursuit of being a good parent.

But, maybe… sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

Kids Karate lessons BrisbaneFocus Martial Arts Brisbane is here to be your ‘Family-Values Partner’ – reinforcing family values that are important to you, in our kids martial arts classes. Each member of our dedicated staff is here to help guide and develop your child into the best person they can be – as they teach these valuable life skills in our martial arts for kids specialised program, your child will learn and develop valuable life skills of self control, focus, concentration, co-ordination, perseverance, respect, self discipline, manners and when life knocks you down – you get back up again. We have proven success with working together with parents, to help their child achieve these fundamental life skills.

Who Are The Role Models In Your Child’s Life?

The Focus Martial Arts instructors are a family of Black Belts. All multi-state champions, All one-time or multi-National Australian Champions, in multiple martial art disciplines.

Most importantly, each member of our staff is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of every single student, especially your child’s.We consistently inspire our students to bring out the greatness within themselves. We motivate them to want to perform at their very best and empower each student to find their own answers and solutions, then persevere to achieve their goals… even when the going gets tough.

Kids Martial Arts BrisbaneWe will give your child the skills they need to live their life with a ‘Black Belt Attitude’.

Enrolling your child to learn karate and taekwondo lessons, right here at Focus Martial Arts – Brisbane, will provide your children with regular exercise, self-defense skills, and prepare each one of you for life’s little “bumps”.

Best of all, KIDS LOVE IT!

Besides being loads of fun and a very good workout, as husband and father I know that this is the best way of equipping my family to be able to defend themselves when I am not around.

– Berndt de Bruyn

Our self defence for kids and kids martial arts programs are designed to develop positive character traits in today’s children by utilizing strict guidelines— in a fun atmosphere— at the same time.


After school activityAsk about our After School Pickup Service from the local schools. No more fighting after school traffic… We go through the hassle and the kids get an after-school program that actually makes a difference and they look forward to!