Family Martial Arts Brisbane & Gold Coast

If you are thinking of a good activity where families could spend quality time together, we suggest Family Martial Arts. We at Focus Martial Arts Brisbane & Gold Coast understand that the greatest challenge modern–day families encounter is the lack of quality time together. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to find and avenue wherein kids, parents and grandparents can have fun together. For this reason we have come to introduce to you Family Martial Arts in Brisbane & Gold Coast.

Now, Focus Martial Arts allows families to participate together in our specialized martial arts classes below:

    • Karate
    • Taekwondo
    • Boxing
    • Practical self-defence

These are life-changing programs available for anyone who is as young as a toddler or as old as a grandparent. Our mission in this Brisbane Martial Arts Academy is to be an instrument which can help your entire family. We aim to build character together through self-defence, regardless of differences in age.

Our family martial arts in Brisbane encourages family participation all throughout our activities that everyone would really enjoy. We entice or lure all of you to enjoy every part of our training.

Apart From A Stronger Family Bond, What Can I Take From Family Martial Arts Brisbane?

Valuable Life Skills For The Entire Family

We empathize with parents’ frustrations in instilling to their children these days a good character. That's why each of our Family Martial Arts Brisbane program is designed to develop a winning and positive attitude in every participant. A kid, a parent or a grandparent can certainly develop real life leadership skills such as confidence, focus and self-discipline through our specialized family martial arts classes.

Our Family Martial Arts Give You A Good Workout

Your family will valuable skills which they can use in every aspect of their life. While YOU, as parents can also have a good workout which can help you lose weight. Our Family Martial Arts helps you get your “beach body back” while at the same time you are increasing your energy to keep up with your kids.

How Can Focus Martial Arts Do All Of These?

family martial arts

In our family martial arts classes, we begin with everyone doing a warm up together. We even add in a little extra stretching to make sure the adults are fully prepared for the most awaited self-defence kicks. For an added twist, some cardio workouts are usually done by way of a skills-based game that kids enjoy. So your kids will be having fun and won’t really realize that they are learning – they will just think they are playing with a game with their family.

We then split you up according to age and belt for the activities and drills and finish up by letting all of you come together as a family in another games-based martial arts skills segment.

You will be rest assured of memorable moments with your family filled with heaps of fun and physical activities. We give this to you while instilling in your family important values such as perseverance, commitment, striving for excellence, confidence and more.

What Makes Focus Family Martial Arts Special?

All our challenges, activities, skills and drills can be enjoyed by the family in conjunction with martial arts instructors who have become experts in their field through life-long experiences. Our dedicated experts can help provide social, physical and emotional growth for the whole family. Their mission is to work hand in hand with parents and children and help every family gain the best possible outcome from our family martial arts program.

What Do Other Parents Say About Focus Family Martial Arts Brisbane & Gold Coast Program?

Parents who have tried our program have observed improvement in academic performance of their kids as a result of the life skills they gained from martial arts. At the same time, parents also were able to gain their own confidence which they have lost in the long years of neglect due to parenting. They are also now equipped with practical self defence skills which they can use to guard and keep the entire family safe.

Here are some of what parents have to say regarding Focus Family Martial Arts Classes:

Besides being loads of fun and a very good workout, as husband and father I know that this is the best way of equipping my family to be able to defend themselves when I am not around.

– Berndt de Bruyn

With a combination of fun and discipline Mark and Kezia not only teach Martial Arts but character building and life skills. We are extremely grateful for their guidance and the changes they have instilled in our son.

– Brett & Sabine Hazlett

It’s amazing how much my son’s self-control has improved! He helps me so much more at home.

– Mitzi Soyland

What Is The Best Part Of Focus Martial Arts For Families?

We have great discounts available for families, when you enroll more than one child— or even yourself— in one of our many programs! Having children of our own, we know the stress, pressure and fatigue of being the family taxi – so at Focus Martial Arts Brisbane & Gold Coast, we have made it simple for families to be involved in a fun, fitness program that teaches more than how to build a sweat. With our excellent family discounts, we also have the 4th family member and more as FREE. So now martial arts is affordable for you all to participate.

Family Martial Arts

There are only a few sports the whole family can enjoy together. In our case, many parents have come to enjoy doing martial arts with their children. And we believe in the saying that a family that plays together, stays together!