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Focus Martial Arts Reinforces To Your Child, Your Family Values

In such a fast paced world, as a parent all you really want is for them to be happy, enjoy life and achieve the success they desire. What do you do to make sure this happens? You teach them and try to re-enforce (even though they sometimes think its nagging) to be focused, encourage them to have confidence, teach them to keep trying, say that they need to be respectful, persuade them to be positive, support (or sometimes demand)them to keep their room tidy – all in the pursuit of being a good parent that gives your child the start in life you desire for them. The type of parent that teaches them the skills they will need for life. You do all this while running a household, having a career, paying the bills, being a taxi service, cooking, cleaning and more. And sometimes you just don’t feel like it is enough. Focus Martial Arts is your ‘Family-Values Partner.

Want to give your child a Head-start in life?

Want a proven-way to reinforce the values you teach at home?
Is it important to you that your child confidence, focus and self esteem?

Read more to find out why hundreds of parents think in the Brisbane Southside area – around Mansfield, Carindale, Carina, Wishart, Mt Gravatt, and how Focus Martial Arts has helped them to be better parents, by teaching and reinforcing the values they have as a family.family-pic

Focus Martial Arts Instructors are a family of Black Belts. All multi-state champions, All One-time or Multi National Australian Champions in multiple disciplines. But most importantly we are all dedicated to making a difference in the lives of every single student and in the life of your child.

We consistently inspire our students to bring out the greatness within themselves, motivate them to want to be their best and empower them to find answers and results and persevere to achieve their goals, even when the going gets tough. We teach them the skills of life of having a Black Belt Attitude.



Enrolling your child right here at Focus Martial Arts Brisbane will provide good healthy exercise, self-defense skills, prepare them for life, and KIDS LOVE IT!
The program is designed to develop a positive character in today’s children by utilizing strict guidelines and a fun atmosphere at the same time.


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What Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Students Learn and Achieve:

  • HOW TO IGNORE PEER PRESSURE, with leadership skills
  • HOW TO GET BETTER GRADES IN SCHOOL, with concentration skills and focus mastery
  • SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN BALANCE, CO-ORDINATION & MOTOR SKILLS, through a total learning and improvement activity that is full of fun, high-energy martial arts games & skills
  • BUILD SELF-ESTEEM, through a sense of achievement with grading through the taekwondo belt system
  • SAFETY SKILLS FOR ANY SITUATION, ‘How to avoid an altercation program’, ‘Non-violent conflict resolution’; Bully-Proof Your Child program’; ‘What To Do As A Last Resort’
  • GOAL SETTING & GOAL GETTING, through the journey to black belt students are taught leadership secrets and skills for all ages. They learn perseverance, commitment and dedication. To finish what they start.
  • BETTER BEHAVIOUR AT HOME & SCHOOL, through the discipline and rules of conduct in our classes, along with answering ‘yes sir/ma’am’ and other attitude requirements, help shape your child’s behavior in a positive direction.
  • IMPROVED SELF-CONTROL AND SELF- DISCIPLINE, through the application of having a ‘Black Belt Attitude” of Focus your eyes; Focus your ears; Focus your body; Focus your mind.
  • TO KEEP THEIR ROOM TIDY & HELP AROUND THE HOUSE, as a leader they are taught the skills of personal responsibility and what that looks like in their daily lives at home, school and at Focus Martial Arts Club.
  • TIGHTER, RESPECTFUL FAMILY UNIT, our programs are specially created as a total learning activity that stresses education of values and character. We promote communication skills of give first and then you will receive. Give respect and then you will receive respect and give kindness to your siblings and then you will receive – all in a practical game based way.