Karate For Toddlers

An Exclusive Preschool / Prep Program for Learning Life Skills

Ages 3-6 are the most important years of your child’s development. Our ‘Little Ninjas Program’ (kids martial arts program) has been professionally developed, specifically for preschoolers to teach them important life skills, with an exciting, enriching and age-appropriate curriculum that is always fun.

We use a unique concept known as, “Edutainment” to teach your child coordination, concentration and self-control.

Our Little Ninjas Program will keep your child physically fit, while instilling good behavior, teamwork skills and being the best at home, school or any social situation.

The Little Ninjas Program will improve your child’s mental and motor skills to help them face life’s challenges. Their confidence will increase, they’ll be a better listener, have more self-control and more ambitious and enthusiastic outlook.

Our Little Ninjas Program teaches your child these eight primary life skills…

    • 1.) FOCUS – Having focus will help your child not only in their martial arts lessons, but with their general health and fitness, their aim and speed. The benefits will be seen in other areas too – they will be more focused in school and listen more attentively.
    • 2.) TEAMWORK – Teamwork is a skill that everyone should develop. In their martial arts lessons, your child will learn how to share and take turns, how to be considerate of others and work together in teams. Help your child become a leader in life through the development of character while making friends.
    • 3.) CONTROL – Having control means making good decisions. This skill will help your child grow their confidence and know that they can handle any problem or situation by utilising control.
    • 4.) BALANCE – This skill is critical to develop early in life. There are many new physical activities that you child will be involved in – and these can prove challenging (remember when you first learnt to ride a bike!). Good balance is also important for good posture which can impact the rest of their lives.
    • 5.) MEMORY – Developing a good memory and exercising their brain can help a child be better equipped for the rigours of school. The exercises that we undertake in our Taekwondo classes for kids are designed to make your child think and assist them to make better decisions.
    • 6.) DISCIPLINE – We use specially designed Little Ninjas exercises to make the notion of discipline both fun and rewarding. Through our premium martial arts classes, your child will learn to take pride in following directions and working to rules.
    • 7.) FITNESS – Learning the foundations of health and fitness is extremely important and getting your child involved in regular exercise will set them up for life. In addition – martial arts classes will help them to burn off energy and get them to sleep better at night!
    • 8.) COORDINATION – Hand-eye coordination is an important skill for young children to learn. It will not only help them in their martial arts classes, but will help them generally in their other sporting pursuits.

In our Little Ninjas Program, we make learning fun and educational. Our goal is to help your child be the best they can be at everything they put their mind to. Our motto is “ Little Ninjas today, leaders tomorrow "

A Lot More Than Kicking And Punching

Karate For Toddlers

At Focus Martial Arts Brisbane our instructors have been specifically trained in the differences of teaching our customized Martial Arts for Toddlers Program, “Little Ninjas” – as compared to teaching our Kids Martial Arts Program.In the Little Ninjas martial arts classes we will focus on one skill per class, for example -Balance. Our instructors will then use about 3 different games-based activities to teach the skill of Balance. So while we are really drilling in the mastery of the skill in these young children, they just think they are having fun.

The important dynamic is that our instructors know how to keep the attention of these active minds and bodies while teaching martial arts for toddlers & pre-schoolers. This way your child will be wanting to come to their classes and when they start school, you will see the difference between them and students that have not participated in our Martial Arts for Toddlers Program – Little Ninjas. You will be so glad that you gave them the jumpstart on school by having our instructors teach them focus, self control, confidence, memory skills, how to take turns, listening skills and much more.