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Practicing At Home Just Got Easier!

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What Do You Get Inside The ‘Members Portal’


See videos of our Australian Champion Instructors teaching you exactly what you need to do and how to do it for your next belt promotion.


Lots of tips, tricks and guides to have parents (who may know NOTHING about martial arts) to actually pin point where a student is either going wrong or can improve their technique. This helpful guidance will bring the family closer to work together in a fun way.


Various videos for each belt’s patterns. Teaching videos, practice with me videos, see how a black belt does it and more.

What’s Inside Each Belt’s Level

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Grading Syllabus Training

  • Step-by-Step training videos on all the hand techniques, kicks, stances, self defence and patterns required to pass each belt level
  • Additional “Close Up” training videos for more complex moves – for a clearer understanding
  • Real Life Personal Safety trainings. When to use a technique in ‘real life situations’ and when NOT to & what they should use instead.
  • Pattern memory techniques – how to remember what to do, which way to turn and what hand / foot to use.
  • Patterns in video, pictures and text – so whatever your learning style – they will be easier to master

Common Mistakes

  • How to identify the common mistakes. What to look for - broken down into hands techniques, kicks, stances, self defence and patterns
  • Self Assessment checklists – this will empower students to be able to personally identify where they can improve & the other trainings will show them how to correct their technique so that they are practicing perfectly at home. As we all know perfect practice is better than practicing incorrect moves and techniques.

Parents Corner

Be in their corner, rather than just their cheerleader. Become The “Assistant Instructor’ For Your Child .

  • Parent’s ‘insider’ tips on how to help your child improve – with it turning into ‘fist-a-cups’
  • Train-at-home drills – when you see (from our checklists and videos) what your child needs to improve on – we give training drills that will help them improve with correct technique. All – Step-by-Step.
  • Concerned your child won’t listen to you? No problem, we have videos that you can watch together where we will confirm for your child that you are qualified to help them. These trainings get you working together and building a strong bond of team achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: They already take lessons, why do they need this too?

It is NOT compulsory, however, we find that the students who do practice at home:

  • Enjoy their classes more
  • See improvements faster
  • Confidence increases as they know they are getting better
  • Learn that self-study and self-learning is a way of life and makes a huge difference
  • Have a resource to double check what they are doing
  • Great resource for parents to actually help and get involved (especially with the ‘Parent Assistant Instructor’ Tips

Teaching children to go above and beyond is setting them up to follow through on a standard of excellence

QUESTION: I can see some of the things they are doing wrong – but they won’t listen to me?

Again, as with our classes – we ‘Partner with Parents’. So the trainings in the members portal are specifically designed to teach parents how they can help, what to look for in correct techniques, what to look for in in-correct techniques, and there are special videos from our instructors that parents and students can watch together that empowers the parent and teaches the child that they can listen to what the parent is saying as we are also teaching the parents how to be our “Assistant Instructor” to identify what and where corrections may be needed.

QUESTION: Will it really make a difference?

As Instructors, we can ALWAYS tell if a student practices at home. Sometimes students have come to us saying “I’ve been practicing watching You Tube videos”. And with great disappointment, we have to re-teach them the correct technique or correct pattern steps – even after their hard work.

QUESTION: Can I cancel if I want?

No problem. You can cancel your Online Members Access at any time.

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