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We have dojos in Mansfield and Oxenford as seen on the map.

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Looking For The Best Martial Arts School?

Both our Brisbane and Gold Coast Martial Arts training schools are great for kids karate classes, family martial arts lessons. Probably the best martial arts school, if you are looking for kids fitness programs to build confident kids, and help your children say no to bullying – then you are in the right place.

You will find our world-class Instructors add the right amount of discipline, skills and fun all our karate classes and taekwondo classes, whether it’s for kids martial arts, karate classes for toddlers or adult self defence classes.

Our martial arts curriculum has been designed to have you master a progression of skills to give you a great basis for practical self defense and gradually increase those skills as your co-ordination, flexibility and fitness levels increase. This is achieved by students gaining tips on their belt for kicks, strikes, self defence and traditional martial arts – before progressing to your actual next martial arts belt ranking graduation. We have found this lays a solid foundation for motivation, goal setting and goal getting and skill mastery of all the ranks at Focus Martial Arts.

Contact Focus Martial Arts School

Simply give us a call or text and we would be more than happy to help answer any questions you have about martial arts classes for kids or your whole family.We can go through the cost of martial arts classes for kids and adults. Our timetables, our unbeatable family discounts and the benefits you should expect when starting martial arts as a beginner.

Self Defence Classes Gold Coast & Brisbane

Focus Martial Arts Brisbane & Gold Coast are more than just self defence classes.

  • We have martial arts classes from 3 years to 6 years for our Little Ninjas toddler karate program.
  • Our Movie Martial Arts Classes to learn all the cool ninja stunts that every Jedi Master must know.
  • To teach students communication skills, leadership mastery, team work and more, we got our outstanding Martial Arts Leadership Development Program.
  • We got weapons and combat training for kids and adults self defence and tournament training.
  • Many students upgrade to our Elite Program – which is the ultimate kids and adults personal development program that teaches the mindset of a champion, the mental toughness of a warrior, the commitment and perseverance of a Black Belt. Parents see the true benefits flow over to their home life and school achievements.