Little Ninjas

Specifically for ages 3 – 6 years. Skills acquired are focus, balance, co-ordination, stranger danger, listening, following instruction, self control and more. All while having lots of fun and games.


Extreme Martial Arts Training– Learn the cool fun tricks in the movies, flips, weapons,fight scene choreography, grappling, jump-kick gymnastics, patterns to music and much, much more. All ages, all belts

TDK Beginners

Taekwondo beginner classes – white and yellow belts. Mastering the basics of self defence, great fitness and building confidence and self esteem


Olympic Style Competition Sparring Class. All ages and belts. Practise full contact. Need pads and mouthguard


For Intermediate and Advanced Taekwondo (blue and red belts) Juniors. Includes advanced self defence skills, leadership skills and more. Invitation to this class is based on the mind set of the student.

Group PT

Want to lose weight, tone up &/or build muscle. Group weight based training program – designed to suit you with the push of your trainer there the whole way. Not always motivated to exercise? Then this is for you. You will be training with others & that keeps it fun, yet a great workout where you will see the results! Get fit & healthy today!

Teens, Red/Black

Taekwondo for teenagers at all belt levels, PLUS advanced students of all ages – red and black belts.

Private Lessons

Want to get fit, but not into the group fitness scene. Then you can book private training sessions with our trainers.

Family TKD

A great class for the whole family – all ages all belts. Incorporates self defence, fitness, mixed martial arts with a Taekwondo syllabus. Remember – Families That Play Together, Stay Together.

Martial Arts Training Brisbane

Every martial art has something great about the skills, but not ONE martial art is perfect.  So at Focus Martial Arts we have taken the ‘greatness’ from various martial arts to combine them into our martial arts training so that our students have the skills need to defend themselves in any situation.  Distance fighting, close range combat, stand up fighting and defending against a ground attack.
To us, its not about the martial art – its about the student – can they protect themselves in a life threatening situation or even a bully situation – That is what is most important.