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Kids Karate Lessons VS Taekwondo Classes — How To Choose Which One Would Be Best For My Child?

Many parents deciding to get their child into kids karate lessons or Taekwondo classes ask similar questions. What is the difference between all the different martial arts or self defense classes for your kids, and which one would be best for my child? To be honest – there are a whole range of martial arts […]

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Why Choose Focus Martial Arts Amongst Other Martial Arts Schools For Your Children?

Aside from the fact that Martial Arts helps kids to get physically active and moving, being enrolled in martial arts schools can also help in building their self-esteem and self-respect. In martial arts schools, they learn fundamental life skills that they can use while growing up. They learn to find focus and stillness; they learn […]

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Learning At Focus Martial Arts Brisbane May Be Perfect For Mastering Self Defence

Focus Martial Arts believe that their Brisbane self defence classes, are a modern day essential skill for survival today, one that’s been around for centuries. That’s why this family has been involved in martial arts since early youth and why they feel so passionate about teaching the benefits of this sport to others. The various […]

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Taekwondo For Kids Building Character Through Self Defence

Karate VS Taekwondo Brisbane Classes for Kids: Which One Should You Enroll Your Children Into?

What really is the difference between karate and taekwondo classes for kids? This is one question that we’ve been inundated with over and over again from our students and potential clients. As you are most probably aware, they are both forms of martial art and, on the surface, the two of them appear strikingly similar […]

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