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Self Defence Classes

It teaches you that anything is possible through commitment and practice – Steve

Steve is a dedicated student of the Martial Arts for Adults, having already 7 years of prior experience before joining us at Focus Martial Arts. Speaking of the personal benefits of Martial Arts training, Steve comments: “Martial arts has helped me improve my flexibility, fitness and strength. I embrace the discipline, mental focus and commitment required to […]

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Martial Arts Testimonial - Belle

I have learned to stop procrastinating and set my goal for Black Belt – Belle

Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Instructors are proud of Belle winning Student of the month for the kids martial arts program category for October 2019 Belle is an over-achiever here in the Focus Martial Arts family. She is currently 14 years old and has been training for the past 7 years, meaning she has been training […]

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Karate Classes for Kids

I want to be Black Belt when I’m 10! – Harper

Harper at young age continually proves how karate classes for kids helped her throughout School Grades, Confidence and Social Interaction. Congratulations Harper for continually showing a Black Belt Attitude in class with the effort you put in to learning new skills and being a role model to others around you. You will make a great […]

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Martial Arts Testimonial - Andrew

Feeling better and stronger than I was 20 years ago! – Andrew

Andrew is a strong-willed Martial Artist who has been a part of the Focus Martial Arts Family for a bit over a year now. He attends training with his wife Rosemary and kids Jethro and Angelique, all as dedicated as he is.

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Kids Self Defence Classes

It’s a great life skill and it’s so much fun – Molly

Molly is a remarkable senior student and leader here at Focus Martial Arts. She has been training conscientiously for the past 5 years, and her fantastic skills and fitness are a testament to this.

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