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How Kids Karate Lessons Can Build Leadership Skills

Of all the benefits kids karate lessons can bring into your child’s life, leadership is one of the tops in the list.  If you think about it, don’t you agree that all of our life skills (discipline, respect, focus, resilience, etc) combine into one attribute: LEADERSHIP. Becoming a Leader through Kids Karate Lessons Every child […]

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Martial Arts for Toddlers

Teaching Karate for Toddlers

Toddlers are indeed a handful, and to deal with defiance and power struggles on a daily basis can be tough. As adults, our job is to help them handle their emotions and the way they react given certain circumstances. Truly, a toddler’s behavioral development can be hard to keep up with. But did you know that […]

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Kids Karate Lessons VS Taekwondo Classes — How To Choose Which One Would Be Best For My Child?

Many parents deciding to get their child into kids karate lessons or Taekwondo classes ask similar questions. What is the difference between all the different martial arts or self defense classes for your kids, and which one would be best for my child? To be honest – there are a whole range of martial arts […]

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karate lessons stop bullying

Karate Lessons Stop Bullying Through Confidence

Bullying has been one of the many problems in our society today. It can cause a traumatic experience for children. This can cause them anxiety and lifelong depression which oftentimes can even lead to suicide. According to studies, 28% of students between the ages 12-18 are bullied each year. Even an independent research survey commissioned by the […]

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Karate Lessons – 7 Life Skills Your Child Will Learn & Master

With today’s high-tech world, children are more distracted and often miss out on learning practical life skills to help them become more independent, productive adults. According to an essay on the importance of life skill education, life skills “can help people to make informed decisions, communicate effectively and develop coping and self-management skills that may […]

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Karate Lessons are a great after school activity for kids.  Karate is a martial art or a fighting method involving a variety of techniques mostly using quick kicks, sharp punches and snapping joint movements. Many consider it to be a well-rounded martial art that if you start karate at a young age and move on to other […]

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Why Choose Focus Martial Arts Amongst Other Martial Arts Schools For Your Children?

Aside from the fact that Martial Arts helps kids to get physically active and moving, being enrolled in martial arts schools can also help in building their self-esteem and self-respect. In martial arts schools, they learn fundamental life skills that they can use while growing up. They learn to find focus and stillness; they learn […]

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Looking For The Best After School Activities Program In Brisbane

Years ago, as I grew up, the best after school activities program, consisted of a bunch of local kids gathering together to play in the street or the local park. That has all changed, quite dramatically. We used to play in the park for hours on end, and have such fun. So what has changed? […]

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after school care activities

After School Care Activities with school pickup service from Brisbane Southside schools

So, the new school year has finally arrived, bringing with it, an end to the chaos surrounding the holidays. Your child has finished school for the day, but your working day is not finished! Have you made room for some “ME” time yet? Heaven knows, most of us still feel our chaotic lifestyle has not […]

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OSHC (outside school hours care) Brisbane – Fun After School Care Activities Program That Delivers Purpose

Coping with the mish mash of everyday life can be daunting and stressful for children as well as adults. Children can also feel this pressure causing a constant game of catch up as they juggle between homework and chores and schooling.  That’s why unwinding is essential to alleviate this stress and  ensure that we (the […]

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