Badge Of The Month


The FAMILY Badge – to us – is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your life.

The importance of family is of great value.  It gives people a sense of belonging, self-worth and purpose.  Good family values have the potential to build, guide and influence children to be their very best.  Those values should be rooted in respect, trust and love.  They should teach children to be grateful by often thinking of their family’s needs first.

Good family values are the recipe for a quality home life.  They help shape and guide your children in today’s very challenging society.  As parents, make it your priority to teach your children these values.  It provides them with a foundation to be their very best.  It also teaches them that their family are the people they can love, trust and depend upon.

At Focus Martial Arts, we believe in good family values and they are the building blocks of our curriculum and programs.  You can be rest assured that we will support you in reinforcing these values in every class we instruct.  We consider it a great honor and thank you for choosing our school and allowing us to serve you and your family.

So this month, encourage your child to earn their badge.

What We Are Looking For:

  1. 1.) Being kind and helpful to siblings (NO ARGUING)
  2. 2.) Being kind, helpful & thoughtful to parents
  3. 3.) Doing things with out being asked.

How To Use This As Leverage:

No longer to you need to nag or correct your child.
Simply – ask would they like to earn their Family Badge (and let them know that you would be very proud of them if they did)
If they agree and want to set that as a goal – excellent.

Then next time they aren’t having a black belt attitude that would earn them the FAMILY badge – simply remind them ….. “Oh would Kyle, Kezia, Mark, Mia, Mike, Tanya – think that your behaviour right now would deserve the FAMILY badge?  I don’t mind – because you will have to tell them.”

[Be sure to have them tell us – and as your family values partner – we will simply remind them how to earn the badge, and what having an excellent black belt attitude at home looks like – really we will just say the same things you say.  Whatever works hey?]

Be sure to also praise them when they deserve it – “I think I will have to tell your instructors about your awesome black belt attitude & that you are certainly doing a good job in earning your FAMILY badge.”