My Child Is Being Bullied

Can Karate Lessons In Brisbane Help Your Kids Defend Themselves Against Bullies at School?

Has your child come home with a bad bruise on his shin or elbow once too often in the recent weeks or months? Has he or she been upset and irritable for ambiguous reasons that you just can’t seem to place a finger on? Do they constantly make up excuses to avoid school? Well, then […]

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Choosing the Best Brisbane Karate Academy for Your Child

So far in 2014, you will notice that an abundance of new and upcoming local karate schools have opened up shop in Australia. Be it Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, the practice of making sure that our children are physically fit and skilled at a variety of sports has almost evolved into a basic minimum necessity. […]

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Kids Personal Safety Is Mastered By Learning Self Defence

Could Your Child Benefit from Attending Self Defense Classes?

Self defence classes for kids can teach essential skills and life lessons. Many of these, such as resilience, determination, and confidence, cannot be honed to their maximum capacity through academia and school sports alone. A question that many guardians have asked the Focus Martial Arts School’s staff in the past is whether or not their […]

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Kids Karate Classes help with school as they learn focus & self control while having fun.

Preparing for Your Child’s First Kids Karate Class at the Focus Martial Arts Centre

Congratulations! You’ve finally gone ahead and enrolled your child into the excellent kids karate classes at our Focus Martial Arts centre in Brisbane. One thing we can tell you right here, right now is that you’ve made one of the best decisions ever. Your child will now be able to learn karate and embark on […]

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Taekwondo For Kids Building Character Through Self Defence

Karate VS Taekwondo Brisbane Classes for Kids: Which One Should You Enroll Your Children Into?

What really is the difference between karate and taekwondo classes for kids? This is one question that we’ve been inundated with over and over again from our students and potential clients. As you are most probably aware, they are both forms of martial art and, on the surface, the two of them appear strikingly similar […]

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Focus On Excellence In Our Martial Arts Classes

Whilst medals are a terrific achievement – the real focus of martial arts classes is on setting a high standard of excellence for EVERY student martial artists (kids or adults) to achieve. This standard is set for more than just skills. It is set for all areas necessary for Martial Arts Black Belt Achievement – […]

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