best after school programs

Looking For The Best After School Activities Program In Brisbane

Years ago, as I grew up, the best after school activities program, consisted of a bunch of local kids gathering together to play in the street or the local park. That has all changed, quite dramatically. We used to play in the park for hours on end, and have such fun. So what has changed? […]

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after school care activities

After School Care Activities with school pickup service from Brisbane Southside schools

So, the new school year has finally arrived, bringing with it, an end to the chaos surrounding the holidays. Your child has finished school for the day, but your working day is not finished! Have you made room for some “ME” time yet? Heaven knows, most of us still feel our chaotic lifestyle has not […]

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OSHC (outside school hours care) Brisbane – Fun After School Care Activities Program That Delivers Purpose

Coping with the mish mash of everyday life can be daunting and stressful for children as well as adults. Children can also feel this pressure causing a constant game of catch up as they juggle between homework and chores and schooling.  That’s why unwinding is essential to alleviate this stress and  ensure that we (the […]

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Learning At Focus Martial Arts Brisbane May Be Perfect For Mastering Self Defence

Focus Martial Arts believe that their Brisbane self defence classes, are a modern day essential skill for survival today, one that’s been around for centuries. That’s why this family has been involved in martial arts since early youth and why they feel so passionate about teaching the benefits of this sport to others. The various […]

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Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Teaching Family Values With The Badge Of The Month:  FAMILY

Focus Martial Arts Brisbane teaches more than just self defence.  As your family values partner, our instructors & parents love the ‘Badge Of The Month’ system.  Whereby students can earn a  specific badge designated for that month.  They are to show improvement in those attributes at home, at the club & at school. November 2014 […]

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Teach your child self defence and martial arts

5 Reasons You Should Teach Your Child Self Defence & Martial Arts

Promoting Life Enrichment Skills Through Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Self Defence Classes. We understand the importance of our Brisbane self defence classes to provide a nurturing –safe-fun and energetic atmosphere that enables a child to learn lifelong skills that will help them navigate their way confidently through school and beyond whilst they learn to protect […]

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Taekwondo skills other than self defence

Benefits of Learning Taekwondo Other Than Developing Self Defence Skills

At Focus Martial Arts Self Defence Brisbane headquarters, our objective is the empowerment of each individual to raise the barrier for themselves. We all want to improve, excel, achieve goals and gain personal satisfaction in all we strive to do and learning self defence can help with this above and beyond just the personal safety skills. Let me […]

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martial arts party themes

The Many Advantages of Martial Arts Party Themes

Themed parties are indeed very entertaining. This is the reason why giving your child a good themed party on their birthday will be greatly appreciated by them. When it comes to themed party ideas, there are so many themes you can choose from. You can go from anime down to Disney. You may choose costume […]

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Child's Birthday Party

Tips For Making Your Child’s Birthday Party A Huge Success

Try to recall your childhood birthday parties. At what age did you have your best birthday celebration ever? If I may guess, it would probably be when you were aging five to ten (5-10). This is usually the age range when our parents give us a memorable birthday party. Now that you are a parent, […]

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My Child Is Being Bullied

Can Karate Lessons In Brisbane Help Your Kids Defend Themselves Against Bullies at School?

Has your child come home with a bad bruise on his shin or elbow once too often in the recent weeks or months? Has he or she been upset and irritable for ambiguous reasons that you just can’t seem to place a finger on? Do they constantly make up excuses to avoid school? Well, then […]

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