Martial Arts Testimonial - Andrew

Feeling better and stronger than I was 20 years ago! – Andrew

Congratulations Andrew for winning the Adult Martial Arts Training Student of the Month for Focus Martial Arts at Oxenford, Gold Coast for November 2019

Andrew is a strong-willed Martial Artist who has been a part of the Focus Martial Arts Family under Adult Martial Arts Training for a bit over a year now. He attends training with his wife Rosemary and kids Jethro and Angelique, all as dedicated as he is.

Andrew first came in contact with Adult Martial Arts training through his kids Jethro and Angelique, who were already accomplished senior students at the time. He decided to take a dive and join in and never looked back.

Andrew told us that his goal is to go for Black Belt and beyond, saying: “I don’t like to quit once I start something, so I will see how far my aging body lets me take it”. He relishes the chance to train, remarking: “It’s challenging for the body and coordination, and it’s rewarding to be getting better at it. It’s also fun”. In his interview with us, Andrew reflected on the benefits he noticed since he started in Adult Martial Arts Training, saying he’s “getting stronger and faster and fitter, probably feeling better and stronger than I was 20 years ago even!” And it was really a great benefit anyone wants to achieve.

Congratulations Andrew for continually showing a Black Belt Attitude in Adult Martial Arts Classes with the effort you put in to learning new skills and being a role model to others around you. Continue in inspiring others in achieving their dreams, that everything could be possible if you just believe. Your Focus Martial Arts Instructors are so proud of you. Keep it up! You are a great husband and father, and soon to make a great Black Belt!