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3-6 year olds
If you are looking for toddler karate classes or martial arts for toddlers, you and your child will LOOOOVVEEE our Little Ninjas Program. We teach the skills they need to be ready for school and prep.

They will learn how to focus, how to stand in line without touching each other, how to sit & listen, how to win a game (humbly) and how to lose a game (without crying). How to take turns. Also they will learn the skills of balance, co-ordination, memory skills and more.

As this age group usually have shorter attention spans, these classes are game-based learning. So whilst we may be teaching balance for the day – the students will think they are just playing games & having fun. But as the parent, you will see a marked improvement in their focus, listening and co-ordination.

Our Little Ninjas toddlers & prep martial arts classes will give your child a head-start for school.

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At Focus Martial Arts, we specialise in kids martial arts classes. Instead of just karate lessons for kids or taekwondo classes for kids – we have actually taken the elements of various martial arts that work on a bigger stronger opponent. So they are perfect for kids.

We have made sure that they are easy to apply (as some techniques are quite technical & just too complicated for kids). In our classes, students learn that it easy for kids to protect themselves with skills and techniques they can easily and quickly use on a bigger stronger person. And then we mix it with just the right amount of fitness and fun… so your child keeps wanting to come back.

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We love these classes. We believe that ‘A Family That Kicks Together, Sticks Together’. These classes are challenging for both kids and adults. At times parents will get to practice and train with their child. Which is a great bonding experience. Then at other times you will separate when appropriate to develop skills at your own level. Sometimes parents may be ahead and progressing faster, sometimes it’s the kids. Overall, everyone is having fun & learning great life-skills together.

As martial arts instructors, we find this is an awesome time for kids to learn from their parents how to handle various common life situations. For example - What you do when things get harder to learn. Do you give up, or press on?​

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Focus Martial Arts Brisbane - Self Defence Taekwondo & Karate Lessons for Kids & Adults

Martial Arts Builds Your Child’s Confidence, Focus & Self-Esteem

Karate lessons and Taekwondo classes are a great way to get you kids prepared for school & build a solid foundation for the rest of their life.

Hundreds of parents in Brisbane, Mansfield, Mt Gravatt, Carindale, Carina, Greenslopes, Coorparoo, Wishart, Rochedale, Eight Mile Plains, Sunnybank and even more suburbs are ecstatic about how much self confidence and discipline their children gained from their time at Focus Martial Arts – “Kids Martial Arts Program”!

Each of our one-of-a-kind, character-building programs, helps your child become more confident, more focused, raise their self-esteem, and help improve school grades.

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What Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Students Learn and Achieve:

  • HOW TO OVERCOME PEER PRESSURE using leadership skills
  • HOW TO GET BETTER SCHOOL GRADES IN SCHOOL with concentration skills and focus mastery
  • SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN BALANCE, COORDINATION & MOTOR SKILLS through a total learning and improvement program that is full of fun, high-energy martial arts games & skills
  • BUILD SELF-ESTEEM through a sense of achievement with belt systems and self recognition
  • SAFETY SKILLS FOR ANY SITUATION with programs like—
    ‘How To Avoid An Altercation’; ‘Non-Violent Conflict Resolution’; ‘Bully-Proof Your Child’; ‘What To Do As A Last Resort’
  • GOAL SETTING & GOAL GETTING through the journey to black belt, students are taught leadership secrets and skills for any age. They’ll learn perseverance, commitment and dedication. Your child will learn to finish what they start.
  • BETTER BEHAVIOUR AT HOME & SCHOOL through the kids martial arts class discipline and rules of conduct in our karate classes for kids, along with answering ‘Yes sir/ma’am’ and other attitude requirements, help shape your child’s behavior in a positive direction.
  • IMPROVED SELF-CONTROL AND SELF- DISCIPLINE through the application of having a ‘Martial Arts Black Belt Attitude” Learn to focus your eyes, your ears, focus your body… your mind.
  • TO KEEP THEIR ROOM TIDY & HELP AROUND THE HOUSE As a leader, they are taught the skills of personal responsibility and what that looks like in their daily lives at home, school and here at Focus Martial Arts Studio
  • TIGHTER, RESPECTFUL FAMILY UNIT Our programs are specially created as a total learning activity that stresses education of values and character. We promote life skills of ‘give first and then you will receive’. Give respect, and then you will receive respect; and give kindness to your siblings and then you will receive – all in a practical, game based way.

Why Choose Martial Arts?

Individual Sport vs Team Sport

With martial arts lessons, a student progresses through the belts at their own pace. They only compete with themselves, whilst having fun in a group environment. This builds confidence, perseverance and leadership in every student - not just the ones that are best on a team.

Imagine the impact a child feels when they feel like they let the whole team down.

You want to build your child’s confidence and self esteem, but if they are not one of the best players on a team, that sport can actually reduce their confidence.

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As a leading Brisbane Martial Arts Academy, the staff and instructors are dedicated to helping achieve your goals, or the goals you have for your child ,by partnering with you to 'Teach Your Child Positive Family Values’.

We love martial arts and teaching kids martial arts. We get such satisfaction in seeing a child’s confidence build when they realize they can do sport, that they can achieve the difficult skills and kicks, by putting in some effort and not giving up.

We love it when a parent shares how proud they are of their child, with their improvement at school because of the focus they have learnt in their martial arts classes, or how their manners and positive attitude at home has really improved – due to the ‘Black Belt Attitude Standards’ they learn when practicing their self defence classes at Focus Martial Arts Brisbane.

Many parents can struggle at times with teaching and guiding their children to be happy, positive and kind people. Studies have proven that the benefits of martial arts taught with an underlying basis of character development are outstanding.

Join the hundreds of other families benefiting from the character development and personal safety development being taught at Brisbane’s Premier Taekwondo Centre – Focus Martial Arts Brisbane.

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After School Care Pickup Service From Local Schools

No more fighting the after school traffic… We go through the hassle and the kids get an after-school program that actually makes a difference and they look forward to!We pickup up from these local schools everyday:

  • St Catherine's Catholic Primary School
  • Citipointe Christian College
  • Brisbane Adventist College
  • Wishart Primary School
  • Mansfield Primary School
  • Mansfield High School
  • Mt Gravatt East Primary School

Benefits That Last A Lifetime.

Unlike traditional sports, (football, soccer, netball,
gymnastics, swimming) the lessons learned in
martial arts are enriching and a healthy activity,
which each student carries with them for the
rest of their lives! 

"Eli loves the beginner class too, talks about it heaps and practices at home"

"I think others should train in martial arts so they can defend themselves against bullies."

"I am really pleased with his development since starting his classes at Focus Martial Arts"

"His confidence has grown, he is able to focus more and he is much better at waiting for his turn. Thanks to Focus Martial Arts."

"And really liked what they were doing at Focus Martial Arts"

"Other people should train in Martial arts because it is so cool and you can learn how to defend yourself and kick butt."