Grading / Rank Promotion

The journey to Black Belt is a process of mastering the basics and building life-long character skills. However, having a Black Belt Attitude is the fundamental key component the keeps it all together. Martial Arts Students MUST attend a minimum of 32 classes and 4 months between gradings, Little Ninja and Little Samurai Students MUST attend a minimum of 16 classes and 2 months between gradings. PLUS students must have earned the correct set of “tips” – 8 for Little Ninja’s/Samurai’s and 4 for Martial Arts.

If the student has earned all their tips and attended the appropriate number of classes, they can register at the reception.

Grading fees are due, in cash, on the night.

Registration Closes on the Monday before Grading.


  • Mansfield 4th September including Movie Martial Arts
  • Mansfield 9th October including Black Belts
  • Mansfield 6th November
  • Oxenford 27th November
  • Mansfield 4th December including Movie Martial Arts


No Forms, No Grading.  Download the grading forms. Have the student, parent & school teacher complete the appropriate parts (we understand if you are unable to access their school teacher during isolation). On the chores schedule – we are not really concerned with the exact jobs – you are welcome to change them to suit that child.  What we are looking for is the student to take responsibility in reaching their own goals. No goal is achieved without putting in action and the actions they need to put in are listed on the Grading Forms. NOTE:  if the form is full of ticks – we know that isn’t true as no child is perfect. What we are looking for is that where they have failed or not met the requirement for that day – that they next day they have put in the effort and improved.


  • Orange Belts $60
  • Green Belts $60
  • Yellow Belts $60
  • Blue Belts $70 
  • Red Belts $80